Google’s Project Owl and its Implications

sAProject Owl is an internal name given by Google to its latest update for its tirade against offensive searches. Since quite some time now, the search engine giant has been flooded with concerns regarding disturbing news, offensive/incorrect answers and search suggestions which sound derogatory and appear at the top of its search engine results.

Google knows that it has a quality issue regarding its search features and ‘Project Owl’ is a gigantic attempt by the company to address these prime issues as per the latest announcements. Therefore, this new announcement has been introduced to keep a check on the quality of its search results. Here are the three main steps which it is taking for working on the quality improvement:

New Feedback form for Auto Suggestions Feature

Since time immemorial Google has a feature through which an online searcher gets autosuggestions when they start typing in the search box. Google is now permitting users to report inappropriate, objectionable, and offensive autosuggestions. Since suggestions are based on real things which people have already searched on Google, it can reflect different kinds of beliefs that people might have or controversial/offensive topics they might be researching on.

Now, with the introduction of Project Owl, a new link which says “Report inappropriate predictions” will henceforth appear. By clicking that link, a form comes up which allows people to select autosuggestions with issues which enables them to report them within several categories. A SEO Company in Delhi and in any part of the world needs to be in sync with various new updates which Google introduces during its official announcements.

Feedback form for ‘Featured Snippets

Since long, Google has been criticized for elevating a particular search result above the others in the form of a special display. One of the primary ways Google is trying to solve this problem is by fighting out the issue by using a feedback form which is associated with Featured Snippets.

Google does have a ‘Feedback’ link already in place for it but with the new update, the form will have various options. The new options feature allows the person to cite the reason for not liking an answer. The ultimate goal which Google says is to find out various ways to keep such controversial/problematic snippets from showing up.

Focus on Authoritative Content for Improving Search Quality

Google actually plans to improve upon its search quality by showing more quality and authoritative content for queries. This change will certainly help in getting quality search results, not just generate better snippet quality. Also, it is making all efforts to make changes two fold, Firstly, it is developing better ways to determine content which appears authoritative, but in reality it is not.

The search engine giant has been giving more weightage to such pages which seems to have a better contextual match, though they lacked a high authority. Through ‘Project Owl’ it also seems to make all efforts for ranking contextual content better when pitted against contextually explicit content. In the past, Google might have such websites ahead in their results which supplied incorrect/offensive info but were quite popular.

With the introduction of their latest update, Google plans to resolve this issue and put ahead such websites which are truly authoritative and have quality content. Websites with offensive and derogatory content will appear lower in the search results. Google will give more weightage to authoritative pages. It is the basic responsibility of any Web Designing Company in delhi to be in conformity with web designing principles and best practices. Well-designed web pages will have better SEO rankings on search result pages.


Though Google has started working on different parameters for improving various aspects related to searches, it has publicly announced its efforts quite recently. It has been crusading against offensive and misleading information for giving its users a better user experience on its search results so that derogatory suggestions don’t come up. It has also been making efforts to tie up with news agencies such as Associated Press to weed out offensive and fake news. It is very much possible that this may take some time to be effective as more and more people offer their feedback.

This article has been written by Deepali Kaul. She works as a digital marketing manager in Avemfly Technology and loves blogging on various topics.


Factors to consider when redesigning website



In this competitive world of new technology which changes with every passing day, everyone wants to own perfect websites as online businesses have become a major part of our lives. Just like styles get outdated with time, websites also get outdated and need to be redesigned for a fresh look so that they can attract more visitors. Also, it is possible that your old website might not be meeting all the objectives you wanted to fulfil by the use of your website when you created it in the very first place. Here are few factors you should consider while redesigning your website:

Get rid of broken links:

Getting rid of all the existing broken links is a big factor while redesigning the website. By doing this, you will be able to improve the loading time of the website, which is a big factor in considering rankings on major search engines. If the website loading time is quite high, this will lead to higher bounce rates as visitors tend to leave the website, rather than staying on it. Make your best efforts to minimize the website loading time since it has a large impact on your customer.

Understand your goals

Set up all your goals and target objectives before redesigning your website. You should have a clear understanding of what you are trying to achieve by redesigning your website. What do you want your viewers to get? In case you have decided to rebrand the company, you need more time and resources to put together everything.

This is extremely important as bypassing this stage might lead to a well functional website with new features, but you might land up not achieving your distant goals which include bringing in more traffic and increased conversions. There are a myriad of website designing company in Delhi and across the country which can help you in determining your goals and target objectives of the website.

Rewriting of content

It is critical to have fresh and updated content on your website if you want to sustain high rankings and bring in traffic to the website, ultimately leading to online success. When you are redesigning your website, it is also essential to update and rewrite your content, though it might be a major task which requires a lot of time and resources.  It also involves evaluation of the content on each page and rewriting it.  Spend a good quantity of time on revamping the content so that it becomes in line with the long term vision you have for the business. Original, useful and engaging content should be the type of content you should be having on the website.

Future upgrades have to be taken into consideration

While redesigning your website, always consider potential future upgrades you might need as per changing requirements. If you are looking at adding more sophisticated features, you would want to ensure that you have all the required tools and software platforms required for doing that in the future.

Creating a backup of the original website

Always make sure that you create a backup of the original website before starting out with redesigning. Without doing that, you will not be able to revert back to your original design in case the redesigned website has undesirable features which you don’t want to stay forever.

Website Graphics & User Friendliness

The statistics have revealed that the websites having attractive graphics and user friendly features on the website attract more visitors and garner more traffic. The creative design elements which you have on the website should be such that it doesn’t take too much time to upload and also has all the features required to be communicated in the concepts to be represented.

Besides attractive graphics, visitors also like user friendly websites which are easy to navigate and have clear directions. While navigating your website, you should make available clear call to action instructions and besides that, there is a need to minimize any confusion they might have while on the website.

Putting it all together through SEO

While all the web design elements will make your website more user friendly and improve its overall online appearance, your website won’t be able to fulfil all the goals meant for search engine rankings till you make it SEO friendly and continue doing it regularly. Any SEO Company in Delhi will usually follows all the SEO best practices for successful campaigns. Previously, SEO was only limited to adding page titles, meta descriptions and alt attributes. However, now various factors contribute to higher rankings which include relevant content, web designing elements, website loading time, mobile friendliness and responsiveness of the website all contribute to modern SEO.

Processing Re-write Suggestions Done (Unique Article)

Firstly, it’s vital to grasp that SEO is that the baby step to formulate the general digital selling ways for your web site and implement them in an efficient manner. computer programme optimisation isn’t “one size fits all”, each business is completely different and therefore their necessities.

There area unit e several SEO consultants in Delhi Ncr UN agency supply extremely made-to-order service wherever you’ll be able to choose packages per your business wants. however the question arises a way to select the simplest SEO, SMO professional within the Nation’s capital. i do know it is not a simple task, because it need plenty of understanding and deep analysis. sadly, folks even have some thought concerning SEO company.

Higher Rank suggests that smart SEO company

This is the most important thought, that the SEO firm that encompasses a seniority in your geographic area is that the best. With my data and skill, I powerfully oppose this reality. it is not essentially that one UN agency has seniority is nice. ne’er decide a book by its cowl.

Big Brand, nice Result

This is one amongst the key, i’m aiming to share with you. larger is not higher. could also be atiny low SEO firm will manufacture smart results and you’ll be able to get an honest come back on investment. place confidence in it!

Step to settle on a Reliable SEO Partner

This is the baby step before longing for any SEO company. All you would like to try and do is analyze what area unit the wants for your business, you would like link removal or link building, or Per pay click management is vital or top quality content is your demand. computer programme optimisation is itself could be a broad construct, it contains of the unimaginable variety of services.

All you would like to try and do is to sit down along with your team, discuss whether or not on-the-spot is vital for you or your web site} would like Off- site. There area unit several prevailing SEO company in Delhi, which provide extremely result orientated services wherever subscribers could customise the packages per their would like and you’ll be able to settle for an honest come back on investment.

Get multiple consultation, keep it secret

Once you have got determined what you would like, future stage is to go looking for a reliable partner. build an inventory of suppliers UN agency area unit economical to meet your demand and approach them in person, discuss your comes intimately and slim down your list per your speech.

Ask for expertise

Once you cut down your list, arouse their expertise, and also the detail of knowledgeable UN agency can handle your project, evaluates their previous project and their result. If potential approach them in person, organize a proper meeting.

Dedicated Agreement

This is the last section of the method. Associate in Nursing agreement ought to be created with mutual affection, clearly defines the delivery time, the safety of information,and others term and condition. Don’ t chooses solely your SEO partner, select the partner for your success.

The post is all about how to choose a best SEO company in Delhi NCR , Associate in Nursingd what necessary purpose to be thought of whereas selecting an SMO professional in Delhi , partner for your success. during a straightforward means, demand varied bids, appraise your future builders and try for your success.

Ecommerce web designing best practices


The purpose of an ecommerce website is primarily to sell its products online. The website is a major source of revenue for any ecommerce website owner as it helps the website owner set an online store and sell goods to the intended audience. Here are some of the best practises when it comes to web designing of ecommerce websites:

Make yourself more visible to Google

Write your own precise product descriptions instead of using the manufacturer’s typical description. Use appropriate title tags and meta descriptions as per your main keywords. You can also have a blog on the website itself and post various articles regularly on it. This will also be a beneficial activity from SEO standpoint of view. A website designing company in Delhi and anywhere in the world needs to apply these principles to get high rankings on Google.

Make sure that you provide alt tag to all your images. Alt tag helps visually impaired people to recognize the images. It also helps Google to index your pages so that your website can be searched over the Internet for visitors. The website loading speed is a critical ranking factor as per the rules laid down by Google. The search engine giant wants the user to have the best user experience possible while visiting a website. Some of the tips which can be incorporated for a better website loading speed include resizing the available images, smoothly functioning webhosting servers and a good quality running code.

A great first impression is essential

You should be careful in making a good first impression for your visitor when they land on your website. First and foremost make sure to take a detailed look at the figures from Google Analytics to find out which are the landing pages which deliver the maximum bounce rate. This will enable you to understand the features you need to incorporate in the web design and why your visitors are leaving the website when they land on that specific web page.

Secondly, making your website design mobile friendly has become absolutely essential in today’s digital age. Mobile friendliness is also a major ranking factor considered by Google as per its announcement quite some time back. The main criteria for making the website mobile friendly is that it can be viewed properly in any kind of mobile gadget such as tablets. The text should be clearly visible and readable and the images should also be clearly visible without having to zoom in. Responsive designing is something which should be given priority as a responsive web design can resize itself in any laptop, desktop, mobile, ipad and so forth without getting distorted. The website loading speed also needs to be quite fast as any website when opened on mobiles usually take longer time to load compared to any desktop or laptop.

Responsive Website Designing & its Significance

In today’s world of rapid changing technology, the number of users surfing the web on their mobiles has grown astronomically since the past few years. This has led to the requirement of designing websites in such a way which can be viewed and accommodated in any kind of gadget. This kind of a rising demand gave rise to creation of responsive design for websites. The term “responsive design” was coined by Ethan Marcotte who envisioned the demand for fulfilling the needs of the users and the devices they use for being over the internet.

A vast choice of different sizes exists across phablets, mobiles, laptops, ipads and desktops. Whether you are simply a beginner or even an experienced website designing professional, to create responsive web designs can be intimidating initially. If a website uses responsive design, the content becomes readable and is easily navigable. Images get resized automatically instead of distorting the layout.

Related issues

Designing for mobile gadgets also brings up the issue of difference between a mouse and the touch on a phone or phablet. On a desktop the user usually uses a mouse for navigating different objects on the screen. On the other hand, when a user views a website on a mobile, they use their fingers to select various objects. This highlights the fact that there is a difference between what might seem easy to select with a mouse might seem a bit difficult to select using fingers, especially tiny spots. The web designer needs to take this factor into consideration.

Secondly, desktops might take much less time to download complicated graphics, if present on a website. On the other hand, such graphics or images will take much more time to download on the mobile device compared to a desktop. This is also a big factor which needs to be considered by the web designers. A reasonable solution involves preferring small ads compared to larger ads which take much more time to get downloaded on the smartphone.

Why do small businesses need responsive design?

Small businesses which are trying to get a foothold within their industry require having preferably a responsive design. It is quite justified to spend the required budget for even converting a non-responsive web design into a responsive version.

SEO friendly

The search engine giant Google has reiterated that responsive design is its preferred design pattern for any website. It gives preference to such websites. Google has labelled it as the recommended configuration for mobile friendly optimized websites. Any website designing company in Delhi and all over the globe can vouch for the fact that a responsive web design increases the ranking on its Search Engine ranking Pages.

Reach more people & increase earnings/conversions

In case your website is mobile friendly and responsive as well, you by default end up increasing reach of the audience and can promote your product to larger number of people. Since a majority of people are surfing the net over their mobile gadgets including ipads, phablets and laptops, it is very much understood that small businesses can take advantage of this fact.

The statistics available also clearly indicate that responsive websites also lead to increase in conversions/earnings from ads for small businesses. This proves to be an added advantage for them as it helps in increasing their revenue.

One website & one set of code

Another great feature available in having a responsive website for businesses is that you simply require a single set of code, single set of pages for the website and a new functionality. This in turn saves a lot of money and resources.